Are Custom Orthotics Worth It?

Apr 9, 2024

Let us start this post by saying that we need to take care of our feet.

We’re on them every day, carrying out various activities, walking on different surfaces, and wearing different types of footwear—our feet take a lot of pressure, stress, and strain, so it’s vital that we look after them.

Having the right orthotics often becomes essential to keeping your feet and lower limbs in good condition, maximising movement, and allowing you to continue (pain-free) doing activities you enjoy.

Whether you’re running, walking, or playing sports, the right footwear can make a world of difference in your comfort levels. On the other hand, the wrong shoe can cause pain and discomfort and, in worst-case scenarios, further injury.

That’s why it’s important to seek professional advice and support at an established orthotics clinic (like Kin Body and Sole) to help you find the right orthotics to meet your needs.

Custom Orthotics Importance

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are specifically designed for you if they have been recommended as a prescribed course of treatment by a qualified doctor.

They are specific shoe or heel inserts that we use to treat various lower limb problems.

Helping to alleviate discomfort and pain, prevent calluses and bunions, and improve posture and balance.

Custom orthotics can support you if you’re suffering from:

  • Flat foot
  • High arches
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Running injuries

Custom orthotics’ primary aim is to support alignment and structure and help you get up and moving again.

Orthotics Clinic

Your appointment at a professional orthotics clinic typically involves a thorough examination, test, and analysis of your pain points and the lower limbs that could be affecting and causing the pain.

From here, castings will be taken of your feet to get the perfect mould and ensure the orthotics fit your body perfectly.

Manufacturing of the orthotics takes place, and your specialist will carefully fit your orthotics and adjust them as required.

It is vital that you receive a proper (and correct) diagnosis from a qualified foot specialist who can help find the best solution to meet and treat your foot problems.

Are custom orthotics worth it?

As podiatrists we often get asked about custom orthotics vs. off-the-shelf. Of course, both have their benefits and drawbacks and suit individual circumstances and foot problems.

For example:

Custom orthotics must be prescribed by a professional and are designed to meet solely your requirements; however, there are off-the-shelf solutions available if your condition is not as severe.

Custom orthotics are designed and manufactured to fit a specific type of shoe and are slightly more advanced in their build compared to off-the-shelf orthotics, which can be purchased for various types of footwear and can include insoles, arch supports, foot cushions, etc.

However, off-the-shelf solutions are not suitable for everyone as they vary in quality and effectiveness. It is advisable that you look for custom orthotic shoe insoles if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, poor circulation, arthritis, or severe foot deformities.

Custom orthotics are also suitable for those suffering from Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, arch pain, heel pain, and hip and knee pain.

Off-the-shelf solutions can help with lower body injuries and pain management, reducing the stress placed on the feet; however, if you are suffering, you should speak with a qualified podiatrist who can carry out a range of motion tests, muscle examinations, body symmetry, tipping at the heel, and toe wear.

The podiatrist will also take into account your lifestyle and body type to find out if off-the-shelf or custom is the best option for you.

Advantages of custom orthotics

One of the prime benefits of custom orthotics to individuals is that they help to keep bones adequately positioned so you can continue to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.

In addition, with the right custom insole orthotics, you can adjust and make (comfortable for you) the angle and height of the support to suit your personal requirements and foot problems. Orthotics can also be adjusted to suit various walking surfaces.

Custom orthotics benefits:

  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Provide stability
  • Support those who are active and those involved in high-endurance sports
  • Support those with weight problems by reducing the impact on ligaments
  • Can reduce pain associated with arthritis
  • Supports those diagnosed with diabetes
  • Reduces muscle and ligament strain
  • Increases mobility

For all the custom orthotics advantages we’ve mentioned, it’s always prudent to mention some of the downsides associated with custom orthotics, too, for example:

Prolonged use of orthotics can weaken the knee, ankle, and feet as the orthotics take over the stress and strain.

Custom orthotics can have ongoing costs associated with them as they need replacing over time, or you might require more than one set.

Custom orthotics don’t always work and might not be the most suitable treatment option for you, which is why it’s essential you speak with a specialist podiatrist.

Orthotics York

Custom orthotics come with many benefits and support various conditions that can affect your everyday life.

Make sure you get the right support for your feet today, prevent issues, reduce pain and discomfort, and continue doing all of the activities you love – speak to a professional, experienced podiatry team today.