Benefits of Physical Therapy for Pregnancy

Sep 27, 2023

Pregnancy is an incredibly exciting time for anyone. As your body starts to change, some people find it tougher than others to adapt to these changes, which is why physical therapy is a treatment that many individuals use when preparing to welcome their new baby. Today we’re going to discover the benefits of women’s health physiotherapy and why you should book an appointment with our experienced team during your pregnancy. We’ll be here to support you throughout the whole process and for the time following the birth of your baby as well.

Top Benefits of Physical Therapy for Pregnancy

Support Your Changing Body

While finding out you are pregnant and expecting a baby can be a very exciting thing, the strain that it puts on your body is quite extensive when compared to how you felt before. As you get further into your pregnancy, you may find that you struggle to walk around or feel too much pressure is placed on the back and lower body as a result of your growing baby. Our women’s health physiotherapist can help you to understand why your body is experiencing the stress or pain you are feeling and work with you to share exercises that will support you. Physiotherapy for pregnancy is something that any woman should consider, even if this isn’t your first baby.

Ensure Your Baby is Delivered Safely

As well as looking after your body, physiotherapy pregnancy works to ensure your baby is in a safe position ready for delivery. The health of your baby should always be on your mind, and our team will do all we can to make your delivery experience as easy and comfortable as possible. We know this is one of the biggest worries for first-time mums, but as well as attending your check-ups with your midwife, our team will be here to support you as you get closer to the delivery of your baby. We’ll help to prepare the body for this massive task and you’ll find you are both more mentally and physically prepared for what’s to come in the upcoming months.

Improved Sleep

One of the biggest benefits of pregnancy physiotherapy is the reduced pain that you feel in the body, which often leads to better sleep. The top reason that most women can’t sleep during pregnancy is that they simply can’t get comfortable with their bump and any pain they are feeling in their back or other parts of the body. We’ll discuss with you where you feel the most pain at night and work with you to find ways to lie down comfortably without putting too much pressure on one part of your body. Going through pregnancy on minimal sleep is something that too many women struggle with and we want to help you to feel more alert and ready for any challenges you will face over the next few weeks.

Strengthen the Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor needs to be as strong as possible to make childbirth a more pleasant experience. When the pelvic floor is strengthened, not only will giving birth be easier, but you’ll find you are much less likely to end up with an injury in that area. It’s never too late to start improving the strength of your pelvic floor, and our team of women’s health physiotherapy professionals will ensure that your body is in optimum condition for childbirth.

A Personalised Treatment

Not every mum-to-be has the same experience with pregnancy, and that’s something we keep in mind when working with each of our clients. No matter what your current concerns are, we’ll be here to listen and support you during your pregnancy. If you have an ongoing injury or area of pain, we can tailor your session to this area. It’s important to remember that physical therapy during pregnancy isn’t just concerned with the area surrounding your bump. If you were working with our team prior to getting pregnant for an injury or other concern, we can still continue this treatment alongside your new treatment. We’ll be here to make sure that you can still go about your everyday tasks until the very late stages of your pregnancy to keep a high quality of life.

With so many benefits of physical therapy for pregnancy, it’s no surprise that women come to see us at every stage of their pregnancy. We’ll work with you to offer you a safe and effective treatment that will reduce pain and help to prepare your body for childbirth. Our team of professionals has many years of experience working with individuals who are pregnant, so you can be sure you are in good hands when working with us. Are you looking to book your first physical therapy appointment? If so, get in touch with our team today to learn more about the options on offer to you.