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About Biomechanics

Hands on assessment is a key part of the consultation in order to feel, move and test your foot’s function. Together with gait analysis this provides an in depth overview of both the foot and lower limb helping to establish a diagnosis and why you are in pain. The final part of the consultation is a footwear assessment which allows a review of footwear pattern and wear marks inside the shoe both of which can provide an insight into your presenting complaint.

About Biomechanics
About Biomechanics

Podiatry biomechanics looks at the way the muscles, bones and joints of the lower limb and foot interact and move. These biomechanical factors can affect you in many ways leading to problems such as foot, heel or ankle pain and conditions like plantar fasciitis, bunions and achilles tendonitis. Your gait can be affected and other injuries can often be incurred due to these biomechanical factors and interactions impeding your performance. ​Here at Kin Body and Sole we take a detailed look at your lower body mechanics to obtain a specialist understanding of your foot and lower limb structure and functionality.

About Orthotics
Orthotics (insoles)

These are an invaluable part of the treatment plan helping to tackle any underlying weaknesses and functional issues. Your plan is tailored to you and can be prescribed as a stand alone treatment or in conjuction with an insole.

Examples of complaints often seen in clinic

Heel pain, Plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendinopathy, ankle pain, arthritis of the foot, painful big toe, bunions, painful corns, metatarsalgia, arch pain, shin pain, knee pain, hip pain, the list is endless.

​At Kin Body and Sole we are always happy to discuss any issues or uncertainties surrounding how podiatry can help.

What To Bring To Your Appointment:
  • Current shoes
  • Any insoles currently using
  • Any sports shoes

The good news is that general podiatry (chiropody) care from Kin Body and Sole can provide you with much needed relief allowing you to stand, walk or run pain free. We are warm, friendly and professional priding ourselves on offering you a first class service.

If you want to know more about what your first visit will entail then please read our blog post here.

Orthotics (insoles)
One of the best conservative options to offload the foot from pain, allow it to rest and improve function. Orthotics can be made short or long in order to accommodate different foot types and styles of shoe. They are unique to you; adapted to treat your specific foot problem.
Feet Exercises

What our clients say

Gary Brown Photography  (
I came to Abby because of ankle pain while playing football. She was able to diagnose me and explain it very clearly which was extremely helpful. She customized insoles for me and made sure they fit perfectly until I felt comfortable in them to use for competitive play. Thanks to Abby, the insoles, plus the exercises she recommended me, I no longer have ankle pain and also noticed improvements in my performance. With her help I was able to clear my ankle pain in time to go on successful trials. I would recommend to anyone looking for great physiotherapy/ podiatry as Abby was very kind, helpful, and knowledgeable!

Zion Park

I had a podiatry appointment with Abby last year and had some bespoke insoles for my running trainers made. My feet had their own MOT! The insoles have made all the difference to my running and my left ankle is in much better shape as a result of Abby’s advice. Brilliant experience provided by a fabulous podiatrist.

Francesca Haynes

I was referred to Abby at Kin Body and Sole when I started to have a very painful and crippling problem with my feet. Abby was extremely friendly and sympathetic from the moment I first met her and is very knowledgeable and professional. Nothing is too much trouble. At my first appointment and following a thorough examination, she diagnosed the condition I had straightaway and also the likely cause. She then devised a customised exercise plan for me to follow, made some customised in-soles for me to wear and advised me on the correct footwear that I should be wearing. She explained everything extremely well and also followed this up with an e-mail outlining everything we had discussed together with a copy of the exercise plan I needed to follow. Having followed Abby’s treatment plan over the past few weeks (with a couple of follow up appointments to check my progress), my feet are significantly improved and I am no longer suffering with the crippling pain that I had prior to the start of my treatment. I can therefore highly recommend Abby at Kin Body and Sole.

Karan Lickers

Abby is amazing. I’d been struggling with shoulder pain for years, she diagnosed my issue instantly and gave me insoles during my appointment. It’s been almost a month since I got my insoles, and I’ve been completely pain-free ever since. It’s been life-changing! 🙂

Aimee Pearcy

I recently received treatment for a foot problem which required a biometric assessment and corrective insoles. The care was excellent and Abby was both knowledgeable and thorough with a lovely friendly and supportive approach. The venue was very pleasant, modern and spotlessly clean. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service.

Kathleen O’Kelly

I play football regularly, but was continuously struggling with ankle pain as I kept going over on it, practically on a weekly basis. I saw Abby for a biomechanics assessment who reviewed my running, walking and ankle strength. She gave me some insoles together with some strengthening exercises, both of which have really helped! I couldn’t recommend Abby highly enough!

Matt Mortonson

I had a heel issue that had been bothering me for about a year, and it was becoming very painful. I came in and got it sorted in one session while receiving expert advice on how to manage it in the future and prevent it from coming back. Since then the issue has completely disappeared, and you can’t tell it was ever there. Great service, highly recommended.

Tommy Brown Goalkeeping

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