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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation in York
About Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
General deconditioning – depending on the type of treatment you have undergone, you may experience general body weakness, particularly after a cycle of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Physiotherapy can get you back to your normal routine and sporting activities by prescribing a tailor-based exercise program for you. 

Lymphoedema – following surgery or radiotherapy to the armpit, you are at a higher risk of developing lymphoedema. This is swelling caused by a build-up of lymph fluid in the tissues and can come on at any time post treatment – even several years later.  If you notice persistent or excessive swelling then we can treat you with manual lymphatic drainage; a gentle and effective technique.

It is advised to book in for your post-operative physiotherapy assessment as soon as you feel up to coming in for an appointment.  However, feel free to call for a free chat ahead of feeling physically able to do so.

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation in York
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About Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
Following surgery and treatment for breast cancer, you may encounter some complications which can be alleviated with specialist physiotherapy. Treatment may include joint mobilisations, myofascial release, massage, stretches, mobility exercises and a functional rehabilitation programme to get you back to your daily activities and sports. Rehabilitative exercise is especially important after a DIEP flap (Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforators Flap) reconstruction.

Here at Kin we can assist you with the following post-operative complications:  

Cording (Axillary web syndrome) – as healing takes place sometimes bands of tissue can form in your armpit or down your arm; they look like strings or ropes. This is ‘cording’ and it’s caused by inflammation and scarring leading to eventual hardening of the lymphatic and vascular vessels. As the cord is quite inflexible, it may restrict your shoulder mobility and cause pain when stretching your arm. Cording responds well to physiotherapy as we use specialist manual therapy techniques and stretches to restore normal shoulder mobility and function. 

Pain and stiffness – initially pain, slight swelling and stiffness is normal post-operatively,  We will assess you to find the cause of your pain and treat you accordingly using various techniques. 

Scar Tissue – scar tissue remodels over time but specific massage techniques can improve scar tissue.

Lack of strength in the shoulder and core muscles – following surgery, you may experience decreased muscle strength due to disuse, and in the case of DIEP reconstructive flaps, you may have decreased core control. We will develop a bespoke rehabilitation programme to include specific shoulder strengthening and core exercises. 

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation in York
Breast Cancer Rehabilitation in York

What our clients say

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“Emma really took the time to listen to me and what I wanted to achieve from my Mummy MOT. She has helped get me back to doing the exercise I love in a safe and healthy way.”
“Abby was so helpful from start to finish. She reassured me through the whole process of my nail surgery and I’m in no more pain! I would highly recommend Abby , she’s a fantastic podiatrist and it’s a really lovely clinic too, with calm relaxing atmosphere.”
“Emma is a fantastic lady with lots of knowledge whose hands have seen me through two pregnancies. If there is ever another I will definitely be returning.”
“Thanks for the session last night Emma. I felt better just for having someone listen to me and it’s given me a real boost. I look forward to our next session and progressing my rehab even further.”
“Abby is so knowledgeable and very professional in her approach. She gave me great advice and treatment and made me feel comfortable and listened to. I would really recommend this clinic to everyone. ”
“Thanks so much for the session! I feel like I got a lot out of it and feel much more positive than I did.”
“Emma was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The service was just what I was looking for in-depth on the day and good follow-up information and advice. I would highly recommend it. ”
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