Katie’s Story

Katie had been suffering for 10 years with a history of large multiple painful verruca’s, for years she had been trying to get rid of them and had exhausted all the over the counter treatment possible. She was really struggling with the pain but also feeling embarrassed about her foot. These pictures show clearly the before and after results of having three sessions of Swift Microwave treatment. What a result ! 



Katie’s Review: 

5 Star Rating
Google review:

Before going to Kin Body and Sole to see Abby, I had suffered with five verrucas for over 10 years, I had tried many over the counter products, none of which worked. My feet had become a great source of embarrassment for me and I had lost hope that they would ever be normal and pain free. Abby was always reassuring and patient with me, without her it would still be painful to walk. I could not recommend Abby and Kin Body and Sole enough !!! 

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