First Steps; What to expect from your first core podiatry appointment here at Kin SOLE

Nov 7, 2021

Establishing your overall foot health is vital to having a full understanding of what is happening with your foot and lower limb; starting with a thorough history check.

As with any medical treatment a thorough and comprehensive medical history is key, this provides a holistic understanding of what is happening with your lower limb and foot health.

We will ask you about any foot problems you’re experiencing and how long they’ve been occurring. We will also chat about:

  • Any medical conditions
  • Previous surgeries
  • Medications taken (please don’t forget your medication list )
  • Relevant family medical history

We will start with carefully examining your feet and legs. Checking for issues such as ingrowing toenails, corns, callus, fungus, bunions and other similar foot problems.

During your appointment we will also check your lower legs to assess for signs of poor circulation and check if there are any foot structure, shape and/or positional changes.

Circulation check:

First Steps; What to expect from your first core podiatry appointment here at Kin SOLE







Observing the overall limb and foot for temperature and colour changes also hair loss which can be linked to poor circulation. We use a hand held doppler to evaluate blood flow to the leg and foot; establishing if there are any circulation problems.

A doppler is a really handy piece of kit to evaluate the blood flow through your blood vessels; it can help to show reduced flow or blockages.

Nerve check:

You may have numbness, loss of sensation and/or power in the feet and legs due to nerve problems. To check for such problems a specialist monofilament test can be carried out. This involves applying a small strand of nylon to different areas to see if you can feel it. Further tests can also be carried out.


We will provide a diagnosis of what problem you may have with your feet. If further investigations into your foot health or pain are required we will make recommendations and guide you through the most appropriate treatment plan for you.


Treatments will be tailored to your foot health needs. This may include reduction of thickened nails, toenail cutting, hard skin and corn removal. We will offer footwear advice and other suggestions that will help maintain your foot health. Finally, we will apply a nourishing foot and leg oil, followed by a luxurious foot cream and nail serum from the award winning Margaret Dabbs range.

What to bring to your podiatry appointment at Kin Body & Sole:

  • Medication list
  • Shoes that you regularly wear plus any additional sports shoes you may have
  • Any insoles that you currently use or have been issued in the past
  • We recommend you wear loose fitting clothing for ease.
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