Importance of Postural Assessment

Jul 8, 2024

More of us than ever before find ourselves hunched over a computer day after day. The impact of modern life on our posture and health is something that has been discussed frequently over recent years. A posture assessment can support you in understanding the areas of weakness with your posture and the changes you could make to support your overall health. Keep reading as we discover what a postural assessment is and the benefit of this service.

The Importance of postural assessment

What is a Postural Assessment?

A postural assessment is an assessment of your static position when standing, sitting or lying. This appointment takes the time to look at your posture and identify any imbalances or areas of weakness that may be causing your ongoing pain. While anyone can book a postural assessment at any time, we often find people are recommended this assessment when dealing with pain or an injury in the legs or back. You’ll be asked to perform a series of manual tests to check how your muscles and joints function and where there are imbalances that require correction. Once imbalances are found, the underlying root cause and corrective action can be discussed.

Why is a Postural Assessment Important?

Good posture is when the natural curves of the spine are maintained and sit in an aligned position. Your head, shoulders and hips should be in line. However, it’s hard for most of us to truly assess our posture without the help of a professional. Good posture can help to reduce pain and the chances of injury. On top of that, it can increase your confidence, improve your breathing and support your overall health. When poor posture is not corrected in a timely manner after working with podiatrists biomechanics near me, it can lead to muscle and joint pain and other health concerns.

There are many different causes of poor posture, which podiatry biomechanics can work to assess. It may be due to your lifestyle, such as if you spend all day slouched on a chair at a computer, or from a past injury. Our team will be able to work out the root cause of your poor posture and then offer you exercises which can help to correct it over time. There are many exercises which can strengthen and stretch your muscles. You may also want to make changes to your work environment and the way you sit to avoid making your current postural challenges any worse. These are all of the reasons that a postural assessment is so important so that you can get the professional biomechanics support you need to improve your life.

What Happens During a Postural Assessment?

Now that you understand why it’s so critical to have a postural assessment, you might be wondering what will actually happen during this appointment. At the assessment, our therapist will take the time to look at the alignment of your lower limbs both when you are standing still and moving. They will ask you to perform a range of tests and movements to identify any areas of weakness.

During the assessment you will also be asked questions about any prior injuries or pain you have experienced. You’ll want to be open with the assessor so that they can see the impact that these challenges have had on your posture. From there, a treatment plan can be made to suggest the best lifestyle changes and exercises to improve your posture. These exercises will be shared with you and then they will discuss about potential follow up biomechanics appointments in the future.

The Benefits of a Postural Assessment

There are so many benefits of a postural assessment. Regardless of your age and fitness level, working with our team can truly change your life for the better. The exercises you are given can help to improve your postural alignment, supporting your joints and muscles. They will increase muscle length and flexibility and can prevent the spine from getting locked into an irregular position. If you suffer from backache, your posture is very likely to be a cause of this. The sooner you can work with a professional to identify the root cause of your pain and find ways to overcome this, the better your quality of life will be over the upcoming years.

A postural assessment is something that anyone can book at any stage of their life. It’s never too late to work with our team to understand the challenges you are facing and work to overcome these to improve your health and well-being. Our team will guide you through every step of the process and ensure you feel relaxed and welcome at all times during your appointment. Contact us today to book a postural assessment with our team or to discuss any questions you have about this service.