It’s all about timing!

Oct 7, 2022

2018 to 2021; time for a change

We first started talking about setting up our own business over three years ago. Below you can see a screen shot of our conversation all the way back in 2018.

“I think we should just do it”

“ It makes sense”

” Physio and Podiatry is a perfect combination”

“ Lets be brave”

However, back in 2018 neither of us was in a situation where we could do anything about our dream. It was put on the back burner, something to be discussed in times of wine fuelled giddy excitement and optimism but never knowing if it would ever be realised.

Many things have happened since 2018, not least the World being turned upside down, and we both felt that 2021 was the right time for change. We had the opportunity to bring our skills together and our 2018 dream to fruition; the search for the right property was on.

After what felt like years lost on Rightmove we finally came across Clifton Green and a lovely double fronted property with potential! It needed work doing but had a nice feel to it and the area felt perfect for our business. Thankfully the stars aligned and without too many hiccups the keys were ours in June 2021.

It’s All In the Name

So the name Kin was born where all the best, well as previously mentioned, our best, ideas are….over a bottle of wine!

Why Kin I hear you ask? Well to us, as sisters setting up in business, it makes perfect sense. We wanted our name to reflect the feel of our business and felt that no better word to do that than Kin meaning ‘ones family’. The Body (Emma) and Sole (Abby) parts refer to the specialist areas each of us treat, not forgetting of course that everything is connected.

We think Kin truly embraces what we are about; building the foundations of a business starting with family. We have ambitions to broaden our definition of Kin to include our patient and community family further.

DIY & Design

Over the course of June, July and August the builders came and went and the house was finally converted into Kin Body & Sole at Clifton Green. Not quite that simple but following plenty of blood, sweat, a few tears (mainly Abby’s) and a heck of a lot of sanding and painting we finally had something worthy of the effort put in. See below for a few DIY pictures; everyone loves a before and after right?!

The kitchen as it was, mid change and now as a podiatry treatment room with very comfy podiatry chair!


The furnishings and color palette were all based around the color and design of our logo which we have utilised throughout the clinic and our website.

Our logo has a gentle calming blue/grey background with two pink dots above the I giving a nod to women’s health and the two dots representing us as sisters.

Community & Kin

From day one of receiving the keys our Clifton Green neighbours and wider community have been so welcoming. They have been warm and friendly; stopping by to have a chat, giving us good luck cards, handing out business cards to friends, inviting us to speak on BBC Radio York and even helping us to paint!

We would like say a massive THANKYOU to everyone concerned you have truly helped to give us the best start. Now the hard work really begins!

Next time on the Blog: discover who we are and what we do: Abby (sole) and Emma (body)