Prenatal Massage Benefits

Nov 8, 2023

Prenatal massage is something that anyone should consider during their pregnancy. Many women are concerned about potential risks of massage during this time in their life, but you’ll find that when you work with a professional masseuse, they can show you the many prenatal massage benefits. Booking a mummy MOT near me can support your changing body and reduce the stress or anxiety you may feel about giving birth. Let’s take a look at the benefits of prenatal massage and what you can expect when you book this treatment.

Importance of Prenatal Massage

Decrease the Risk of Issues Giving Birth

A common concern when giving birth is the position of your baby and the stress and strain this position can put on your body. However, prenatal massage works to make sure you are both comfortable ahead of this big day and support your changing body. Women usually experience some amount of back pain ahead of giving birth, which can lead to long-term issues with your body after your baby is born. Our team will work with you to understand the current aches and pains you feel and work to reduce these so you can focus on looking after your little one once they are born.

Speed Up Recovery After Childbirth

When you take care of your body during pregnancy, you’ll find that it’s quicker to return to your previous level of physical and mental health following childbirth. A mummy MOT near me works to overcome issues ahead of childbirth so that the recovery process is much easier. You’ll notice that your energy levels will also increase when you look after your body more with a prenatal massage, making everyday tasks before and after childbirth easier. We know the common struggles for many mothers and will work with you to help you avoid these issues after your pregnancy.

Boost Your Mood

Looking after yourself is so important during your pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood. Many women experience anxiety or depression during and after pregnancy, but doing small things to treat yourself can really help you each and every day. Massage can help to relax your body and mind and also boost your mood as you feel the gentle touch of another human. If you are feeling especially stressed right now, you’ll notice one of the benefits of a prenatal massage is your mood improving. You’ll feel ready to take on the challenge of motherhood and be more focused after your massage on looking after your health and wellbeing.

Target Back and Pelvic Pain

The two most common areas that expectant mothers notice pain in when they are pregnancy is in the pelvis an lower back. The amount of pressure put on these areas is much more than before your pregnancy, making it hard to carry out everyday tasks or even fall asleep at night. If you’ve been struggling with pain in these areas, make sure you let the therapist performing your mummy MOT know, so they can focus on offering you relief and advise to avoid this in the future.

Improved Sleep and Lower Fatigue Levels

Another of the biggest complaints from individuals when they are pregnant is the feeling of always being tired or unable to find the energy to do the basic things they need to do each and every day. Many of us have no choice today but to work through our pregnancy, which can leave us feeling even more exhausted at the end of every day. A mummy MOT york is designed to help you overcome issues you have currently with poor sleep. If you are struggling to fall asleep at night due to pain in your body, make sure you let your therapist know this so that we can focus on the areas of most concern.

We recommend booking your session in the afternoon if sleep is a major concern, so that you feel more relaxed when you get home and can have an early night. Our team will also be able to suggest exercises and ways to relieve the fatigue you are feeling in the daytime, which may be a result of the aches and pains you are feeling. When you are in less pain, you’ll feel more inclined to keep moving and not spend all day sat on the sofa which can only increase your fatigue levels.

With so many benefits of a prenatal massage or mummy MOT, this is something we recommend for anyone expecting a baby in the near future. Our team will be here to work with you to ensure you and your baby are safe at all times during the treatment and to help you prepare for this exciting new stage in your life. Contact us today to book your treatment or to discuss any questions you have about our services.