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Sports/physio massage

Sports/Physio Massage Therapy in York
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Based in York, we tailor the depth of the massage to your tastes and always check in with you during treatment to ensure everything is ok.

If appropriate, you may also be provided with some techniques and stretches that you can utilise at home.

Sports/Physio Massage Therapy in York
About Sports/Physio Massage
Sports/Physio Massage

Sports massage is for everyone, not just athletes. It is useful for ironing out aches and pains, helping prevent injury and promote recovery. A variety of techniques are used such as kneading, gliding, compression, stretching and soft tissue release. Movement of the soft tissues can help relieve hypersensitive areas in muscles, improve circulation, reduce muscle pain and stiffness; helping to improve overall function of the body.

Sports/Physio Massage Therapy in York
Sports/Physio Massage Therapy in York

What our clients say

Gary Brown Photography  (

Great sports massage from Emma, really helped with some achy legs and some extra running tips and advice!

Daniel Murray

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