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Swift Verruca treatment

Did you know ?

Did you know that a verruca effects around 10 % of the population. Warts and Verrucas are caused by an infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus develops on the top layer of the skin. There are over 100 subtypes of the HPV virus. Verrucae are plantar warts that commonly occur on the soles of the feet or around the toes  but you can get warts and verruca elsewhere on the body, for example on the hands, elbows and knees

Swift: the most effective verruca and wart treatment available

Verruca and Wart Treatment

  • Do you have a verruca or wart?
  • Has it been persistent?
  • Does it cause you pain?
  • Is it unsightly and causing you embarrassment?
  • Is it spreading to the other foot or to other family members feet?
  • Has it plagued you for a long time?
  • Have you exhausted all other treatments?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then the good news is that Swift, an innovative and scientifically proven treatment, works where others have failed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are warts contagious?

Warts are contagious, they can be caught by close skin-to-skin contact. The infection can also be transmitted person to person with direct contact or indirectly from contaminated objects or surfaces, such as the area surrounding a swimming pool.

You are more likely to get infected if your skin is wet or damaged. After you become infected, it can take weeks or even months for a wart or verruca to appear.

Do verruca’s always need treating?

Not all Verruca’s and warts need treatment and some will just go on their own.

However, those that have been longstanding, stubborn and have not responded to other treatment, are spreading to the other foot and or to other family members, are painful or are embarrassing, may require treatment.

What is Swift?

Swift is a breakthrough treatment that is not only quick but requires no dressings, creams, needles or down time. More importantly it is both highly effective and scientifically proven to resolve your verrucas and warts permanently.

Swift uses microwave energy to treat the virus in a precise and controlled way. The energy is delivered directly to the verruca or wart meaning that unlike other treatments there is no damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. It heats the skin and underlying tissue by approximately four degrees, shocking the targeted cells and activating heat receptors. The body cells are triggered into recognising and fighting the verruca virus.

Client Experiences of Swift

Sarahs story:

A 5 year history of a chronic stubborn, extremely painful verruca. Sarah had tried everything to get rid of the verruca over the years. She had exhausted all over the counter options and had undergone treatment via her GP, but the verruca remained and had grown in size considerably. She had even considered foot surgery to try and treat the verruca. Here at Kin body and sole we introduced Sarah to Swift microwave treatment and after 3 treatments her verruca had entirely gone, including the pain and embarrassment and need for plasters! See in her own words what her overall experience has been having treatment Swift treatment and if she would recommend her experience here at Kin body and Sole.

Swift the most Clinically effective verruca and wart treatment available

Sarah had literally tried all over the counter treatments over the last 5 years to get rid of her painful Verruca , including Cryotherapy that was offered via her GP but nothing had worked.

Sarah’s Swift treatment Step by step

Sarah explains how her experience was during her Swift treatment and what her initial concerns were. Sarahs initial concerns were soon elevated as she progressed through her treatment.

What was the Swift treatment like?

Sarah explains how her experience was during her Swift treatment. The treatment itself can be painful at the time of application but as Sarah says it’s fleeting, over in moments and absolutely worth it. Amazing!

Would Sarah Recommend the swift treatment to others?

Having experienced the Swift treatment firsthand, would Sarah recommend it to others?

Would you recommend Kin to others?

Sarah Kindly has some final words regarding our service, would she recommend us to others? Listen and find out!

See Katie’s amazing results with Swift treatments at Kin Body & Sole

Swift Microwave Treatment for Verruca and Wart

Swift Microwave treatment

The Swift treatment is delivered in seconds. The Swift treatment is delivered in a course of 3 treatments which enable the treatment to be the most effective on the market and with efficacy rate of up to 80 %.

No needles , anaesthetics, no plasters and no down time needed. Just a fast and effective treatment.

​Will it work for me?
We recommend three treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. This protocol offers an 80% success rate. Patients who are immunosuppressed, have larger lesions or longstanding ones may require more treatments to achieve complete resolution.
Swift Microwave Treatment Device









Don’t take our word for it, here are some more reviews from some of our Swift patients:

Patient Testimonials about Swift Microwave Treatment
Really helped my daughter in just three sessions. Abby was lovely and explained everything while reassuring my daughter while having her treatment. My daughter has seen fantastic results, would highly recommend!

Gemma Callaghan

I went to Abby with a verruca that had resisted all my efforts to remove it for about a decade. She explained the various options very clearly and I chose the laser treatment. This was effective and there is now no sign of the verruca at all. It’s amazing. Abby herself is great and I enjoyed my appointments with her, as we both admired my newly healed foot!

Needed advice for the treatment of several stubborn verrucas. Found the clinic by chance, initial assessment was thorough and professional. Abby provided clear treatment choices and what to expect from each option. Elected to go for Swift, this process is little uncomfortable but for me personally was highly effective. Care from start to finish including post treatment follow ups was first class. Highly recommend.

Abby is simply excellent! The clinic is in a beautiful location and pristine inside. I visited Abby at kin body and Sole after looking at the excellent reviews online.

I had been dealing with a problematic verruca for around 5 years. My verruca was on the ball of my foot and causing me excruciating pain (8/10) when walking, the pain was even worse when resting it and would send stabbing pains up my leg. I had seen other podiatrists, tried every over the counter treatment, home remedies and had 3 sessions of cryotherapy with my GP, nothing worked. Not to mention the social stigma and the feeling that I was sponsored by Boots plasters!

I was at my wits end as I am a keen walker and lead a very busy, active lifestyle. Driving also became a real issue as it began to hurt intensely whenever I took my foot off the pedal. The pain became incredibly intense and often kept me awake at night even with painkillers, daily OTC treatment and care.

Abby suggested trying the Swift treatment and I can honestly say it was incredible! My first session, I hobbled in, Abby was very reassuring and kept checking to make sure that I was comfortable, I didn’t feel a thing and walked out virtually pain free. Within a week the verruca had notably reduced in size, so I was excited for my next session. The second session I felt it a little more but it’s a fleeting pain and over in no time, my verruca shrunk yet again and I was amazed. At my third session, the treatment was more painful but again, fleeting (over in a couple of minutes) and definitely worth it. When I went back to see Abby after my final session, we were both so thrilled that it had completely gone!

Abby’s treatment using Swift was incredible, she is so kind and reassuring, has a lovely, bubbly personality and definitely knows her stuff. I can’t thank her highly enough for giving me my life back and would highly recommend Kin Body & Sole!

She provided immediate relief for a problematic, long term foot problem and I can’t thank her enough. Such a lovely clinic and I thoroughly recommend it.

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