Tips For Keeping Your Feet Healthy As You Age

Jul 31, 2023

Our bodies look after us through every moment in our lives, but as we start to age, it’s important that we do all we can to look after ourselves. A podiatrist in York will be here to help you protect your feet as you get older, but you can also do some simple things in your everyday life to help your feet stay healthy year after year. Keep reading to discover our top tips for healthy feet, all of which will help you enjoy your favourite activities for many years to come.

Tips For Keeping Your Feet Healthy As You Age

Vary Your Footwear

While it can be tempting to always wear your favourite shoes, one of the top tips for healthy feet is to vary your footwear. This is especially important for anyone who likes to wear high heels or pointy shoes, as these put a lot of pressure on the toes and the balls of the feet. Finding a pair of comfortable trainers or regular shoes that you can wear on a daily basis that offer you full protection is the best way to keep your feet healthy as you age. Where possible, also try to walk around your home without shoes on, so you can ensure you are walking properly and not rolling on the sides of your feet as is so easy to do with shoes on. Make sure all of the shoes you wear are properly fitted too, so you can enjoy maximum comfort whatever you are doing.

See a Podiatrist in York

You are never too young to think about booking to see a chiropodist and podiatrist in York. Even if you think your feet are fairly healthy, you might learn some new healthy feet tips that will support you as you start to age. Our team will be able to take a look at your feet and assess any imperfections such as foot corns and calluses. If we do identify any areas of concern, we’ll be sure to recommend the best ways to overcome these problems and minimise the chance of them reoccurring in the future. Podiatry and chiropody are investments in your future, and so you should think of booking our services in the same way as you would a dental or medical check-up.

Wash Your Feet Thoroughly

Even if you shower every day, you might not be paying your feet enough attention if you are in a rush. Make sure you are properly cleaning in between your toes, so that you don’t risk getting an infection if they aren’t cleaned. One thing to keep in mind is that you also need to dry your feet properly. A common mistake people make is to put on socks when their feet are damp, but this can lead to bacterial infections and dampness. Never skip a shower or bath just because you’ve had a busy day and be extra mindful of your foot hygiene when you’ve been to the beach or got your feet dirty.

Trim Your Nails Regularly

As well as cleaning your feet each day, you need to make sure you are trimming your toenails when they start to get too long. The longer you leave your nails, the more likely you’ll end up with pain or ingrown toenails in the future. Invest in a simple set of toenail clippers and nail scissors which you can always have on hand when you need to complete this task. Of course, if you do find you are unable to tackle this job alone, make sure you book an appointment with our team before the issue gets worse.

Put Your Feet Up Once in a While

If you work in a job where you spend all day on your feet, make sure you are giving yourself time to sit down and relax each day. Not only will this give your feet a break, but it can help your body to relax and reduce stress on your joints and muscles. We all need to give ourselves a break once in a while, and the only way for your feet to really relax is to stay off them. One of our favourite things to do at the end of a long day is lie down with your feet up the wall. This helps with circulation and can give them some much-needed relief after a busy day.

By following these tips we’ve shared above, you can work to keep your feet healthy as you age. No matter what type of job you do, you need to ensure you are caring for your feet to avoid infections and pain. Our team will be here to support you with any concerns you have about your feet in the future, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today with any questions that you have on this topic.