Tips for Preventing Corns and Calluses

Aug 29, 2023

Corns and calluses are two very common foot conditions that people experience throughout their lives. As with many aspects of our health, there are some things that are within our control as far as preventing these concerns. Today we’re going to share some of our top tips for preventing corns and calluses and what to do if you are concerned you have one appearing. Make sure you get in touch with a chiropodist and podiatrist in York any time you are concerned about your foot health to ensure you keep your feet in top condition for years to come.

Wear Comfortable and Protective Footwear

When looking at how to prevent corns and calluses on feet, the first thing to consider is the footwear you are wearing. By investing in comfortable shoes that are properly fitted, you can ensure that you avoid major issues in the future when it comes to your foot health. While you might want to save money or wear shoes that look fashionable, comfort and health should always be your top concern. If you feel that your shoes are pushing your feet in and causing rubbing, then it’s time to head to a reputable footwear store and purchase some new shoes. Our feet need to be treated with care at all times, and the first step to prevent corns and calluses is to avoid badly fitted shoes.

As well as the fit of your shoes, you should also vary the shoes that you wear. When you wear the same shoes all the time, the same parts of your feet will get rubbed and sore. Reduce the chance of issues with your feet when you mix up your shoes and wear comfortable sandals for more air when you can as well. It’s also good to walk around your home bare foot to ground yourself and give your feet air when possible.

Tips for Preventing Corns and Calluses

Visit a Chiropodist and Podiatrist in York

To keep your feet in the best condition possible and avoid corns and calluses, we recommend visiting a podiatrist in York on a regular basis. This is especially important if you’ve had corns and calluses in the past and are worried about them coming back. They’ll be able to treat the early signs of any foot conditions and share top tips with you for looking after your feet. Prevention is always the most important thing when it comes to podiatry and chiropody, and the early steps you take will have a huge impact on the health of your feet in the future. Our team will be happy to share our feedback about your feet and the ways in which you can make them healthier in the future.

Stay Off Your Feet When Possible

Another reason that we notice people get more corns and calluses nowadays is that they spend more time than ever before on their feet. If you have a very active job, one of the best tips for preventing corns and calluses is to stay off your feet when you get the chance. At the end of a long day at work, put your feet up and enjoy a good break. This can help to improve the circulation for your feet and give them time to heal at the end of a busy day. When you start to notice that your feet are sore and tired, this is a good indication it’s time for a break or to change shoes to reduce rubbing.

Treating Corns and Calluses

After learning how to prevent corns and calluses, you then need to think about treating them when you notice them first appear. By avoiding friction on the feet, you can help to reduce the chances of them getting worse. This means taking off badly-fitted shoes and opting to wear more comfortable ones instead. You’ll often find they go away by themselves when you change shoes and stop the rubbing. When you are letting the corn heal, you can consider using corn pads, which protect the foot and stop further rubbing. You can buy them at your local pharmacy and it’s worth keeping some at home if you have this issue regularly.

By following the tips we’ve shared above, you can do all you can to prevent corns and calluses from forming in the first place. The more care and attention you can give to your footwear and foot care, the easier it will be to prevent these painful conditions in the future. The earlier you treat your feet when a corn or callus appears, the more likely you’ll be able to return to your favourite activities again without pain. Contact our team today if you have any concerns about corns and calluses or need treatment for either of these conditions. We’ll be happy to help discuss any concerns you have about your foot health and improve your comfort when carrying out your daily activities in the future.