Types of Massage

Mar 25, 2024

Massage is a service that can help to improve mobility, reduce tension, support injury recovery and promote relaxation. With so many benefits of massage, you might be wondering what would be the best type of massage for you based on your aims for the treatment. When booking massage therapy in York, you’ll find there are a wide range of options to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular massage treatments that you can book.

Deep Tissue Massage

Are you struggling with pain and tension in your body? If you are looking for a rigorous massage that targets areas of stiffness and pain, we highly recommend deep tissue massage. A deep tissue massage will focus on your whole body and it’s ideal for anyone who is feeling aches and pains on a daily basis. Keep in mind that this might not be the most relaxing treatment and can feel like a rigorous workout during your first session. Muscle knots will be targeted to reduce pain and help your muscles and joints to function better every day. Deep tissue massage is one of the most popular massage treatments with individuals who see a massage therapist on a regular basis and are looking to experience all the physical benefits of massage.

Sports Massage

Active individuals and athletes can benefit from this form of massage therapy. It’s a massage treatment that’s ideal for anyone who is physically active and is looking for another way to support their recovery between playing sport or training sessions. Sports massage works to reduce pain and improve soft tissue mobilisation. It will often focus on an area of concern and be tailored to the type of sport you play or the repetitive movements you make every time you are training. Professional athletes rely on this type of massage to ensure their body remains in top condition for their work and to prevent injuries or speed up recovery following an injury or incident.

Soft Tissue Massage

For anyone who isn’t a regular massage goer or who is unsure about the types of massage we shared above, you may want to try soft tissue massage first. This popular type of massage is less invasive than a deep tissue massage and is likely to be less painful. It is still one of the most effective types of massages on offer and can help you to recover from an injury or pain within the soft tissue in your body. This type of massage uses a lower level of pressure and will try to alleviate your pain without aggravating the injury any further. Slow and firm strokes will be used to work down to the deeper layers of your muscle tissue. It’s a great option that we recommend to anyone who is recovering from an injury and wants to speed up the recovery process.

Thai Massage

A specialist massage therapist in York may offer Thai massage. This type of massage originated in Thailand and can be a very active type of massage that’s ideal for an experienced massage goer. You’ll find that this massage style incorporates stretches and body movements to increase your range of movement and give your body a good workout in the process. It’s another type of massage that we don’t recommend for anyone who hasn’t had a massage before but it’s extremely effective for anyone who is able to withstand a higher level of pressure during their treatment.

Hot Stone Massage

Many spas offer hot stone massages, which are a very relaxing and effective treatment. The stones are warmed up to a comfortable temperature for your treatment and then they are applied to the body at various pressure points to relieve tension and pain. Adding heat to the body can help to relax areas of pain and knots in your body, making the stones a good addition for anyone with pain in their upper back, shoulders or other muscles. You may not find this treatment to be as effective as sports massage or deep tissue massage for major muscle pain but it can be a therapeutic treatment that’s ideal for anyone looking to focus on their mental and physical health.

With so many different massage options on offer, we know the choices can seem quite overwhelming when booking your first treatment. Our team will be here to support you in choosing the right treatment for your current needs. We’ll ask you about the areas of pain you are experiencing and recommend a treatment based on our conversation. All of our massage treatments work to promote good physical and mental health and can be the perfect addition to your active lifestyle. Contact our team today to book your first treatment with us or to discuss any questions you have about what type of massage would be best for you.