What are the Benefits of Nail Surgery?

Jun 6, 2024

Nail surgery is something that people of all ages may need to consider at some point in their life. We’re here today to share a complete guide to nail surgery and when someone might consider the need for this treatment. Kin Body and Sole is here to support you with a wide range of treatment options and our team will be able to suggest the best option for the current challenges you are facing in your life. Let’s take a look at what nail surgery is and the top benefits of this treatment.

What is Nail Surgery?

Before we go any further to discover the top nail surgery benefits, it’s important to understand what this treatment is in the first place. A chiropodist or podiatrist therapist may mention this treatment to you if they notice any issues with your feet. Nail surgery involves the complete or partial removal of your toenail while you are under local anaesthetic. This is often a result of an ingrown toenail which can cause a lot of pain to the patient. If you can’t manage the issue with regular appointments with a podiatrist, then this might be the only real option on offer to you. It can also be a solution to fungal infections which cause nail damage.

The Benefits of Toenail Surgery

Depending on your age and overall health, you may or may not be recommended for this type of surgery. However, for patients that do opt to have this treatment, the success rate is typically very high. It can offer you immediate relief from the high levels of pain you’ve been experiencing when dealing with an ingrown toenail. This can help you to get back to exercising or playing sports you may have been avoiding as a result of this concern.

On top of that, you’ll find that your toenail looks much more aesthetically pleasing once it’s treated. The damaged nail is removed and if there was an infection present, this will also be removed and treated. The good news about toenail surgery is that it’s usually carried out in a clinic, so you don’t need to be admitted to the hospital for this treatment.

Who Can Undergo Toenail Surgery?

You age and overall health will impact whether this is offered to you as a solution to any challenges you are facing. If you are pregnant, taking specific medications, have poor circulation or are allergic to local anaesthetic, this will likely not be an option to you. Before the surgery can take place, you’ll attend a full assessment to see if this is a suitable type of surgery for your personal needs. A podiatrist in York can refer you to a clinic that offers this type of treatment and they’ll be able to answer any of your questions about nail surgery.

What Happens During Nail Surgery? A Guide for Nail Surgery

If nail surgery is offered to you as an option, you might be wondering what will happen on the day of the surgery. The team will start by ensuring you are comfortable before any work takes place. They’ll start by disinfecting the toe before the injection, which is used to make the toe numb. Once your toe is numbed, a tourniquet will be placed around the toe to reduce bleeding. From there, the edge of the nail can be removed, and in some cases, the whole nail is removed. This will usually be agreed upon ahead of the treatment so that you know what to expect.

Phenol is a substance that is often used as part of this treatment on the nail bed. It helps to stop regrowth and any of the infection you’ve experienced coming back. Once this is done, the tourniquet can be removed and a dressing will be applied to your toe. You’ll then be offered after care advise by the team, so that you can safely recover and get back to doing your everyday activities as soon as possible. You should have a follow up appointment booked as well at this point so the team can assess how the wound is healing and to change your dressing. Of course, if you do experience any issues or side effects following this treatment, we highly recommend that you contact the clinic immediately to get their advice.

Nail surgery is a solution for nail-related issues that may impact your everyday life. No matter your age and how healthy you are, it could be necessary at any time to help avoid further complications and to ensure you can enjoy the things you love doing. Our team will be here to help answer any questions you have about nail surgery. Contact us today to learn more about this treatment and other services we offer to help improve your overall health and well-being.