Your 6-Week Postnatal Check

Oct 11, 2023

Following the birth of your baby, you can be so caught up in the excitement and stress of raising a little one that you neglect to think about the major changes your body has just been through during pregnancy. A 6-week postnatal check is something that everyone should book after their baby is born to help you recover from giving birth and to be able to receive professional advice about the best ways to take care of your body during this new chapter of your life. Keep reading to discover what happens at a mummy MOT and why this is something we believe every new mum should take the time to do.

What Happens During a 6-Week Postnatal Check?

A 6-week postnatal check-up is an opportunity for you to work with a professional who is experienced at understanding the changes that your body has been through during the past few months. We know that the strain that pregnancy puts on the body can leave you with a variety of aches and pains, but new mums are often so worried about their baby that they neglect to think about themselves. When you don’t receive this type of professional check soon after giving birth, you may leave problems to continue to get worse if you don’t resolve them sooner rather than later. Our team will be here to gently guide you through your mummy MOT and offer you advice about the best ways to look after yourself as you enter motherhood.

During a mummy MOT in york you’ll receive an exam which checks the pelvic floor, abdominal muscles, back, and posture, all of which are commonly impacted as a result of giving birth. We can then share any areas of concern and help to offer exercises or adjustments that will support your changing body. This will then help to slowly restore your posture and alignment to what it was prior to your pregnancy, helping you to experience less pain and be able to focus on the areas of your life that are most important to you at this current time. We will also recommend at this point if you should come to see our team for regular check-ups if there are any major concerns that we feel need continuous monitoring.

6-Weels Post Natal Check Up

Common Concerns After Childbirth

There are many common concerns that new mums face as a result of childbirth. We often forget that the body has been through so much that we forget to give ourselves time to rest and recover from this massive endeavour. Almost 50% of new mums experience some type of issue with either their abdominal muscles or pelvic floor after childbirth, which can lead to pain when having sex or passing urine. The quicker you can resolve these issues, the better the quality of your overall life will be.

One more major issue that people frequently experience after childbirth is pelvic organ prolapse. This is when the pelvic floor weakens and can lead to long-term issues with the bladder, rectum or uterus. You could end up incontinent in the future or with bowel or bladder issues. The good news is that the sooner you notice this issue and work with our team of professionals, the greater the chance of recovery and returning to your previous quality of life. It can be hard to notice these concerns by yourself, which is why a mummy MOT is so essential for new mums.

When Should You Have a Mummy MOT?

The perfect time for your postnatal check or mummy MOT is about six weeks after giving birth. We recommend booking your appointment a few weeks in advance, as we get very booked up at certain times of the year. Our team will work with you to find a time that’s convenient for you, and you can bring your partner or a family member with you if you need extra support or to look after your baby during the appointment. We know how busy your life is during this exciting time of change, but taking just an hour out of your schedule will be so beneficial to your health and wellbeing in the future. If you are nervous about the appointment, our team will be here to guide you through the process and answer any questions you have about your changing body.

Are you looking to book your mummy MOT? No matter how long it’s been since you gave birth, we’ll be here to support you with any concerns you currently have. Our team has years of experience working with new mums and knows how to identify some of the most common concerns that mothers experience after giving birth. Contact us today to book your mummy MOT or to discuss any questions you have about how we can support you at this time.